Saturday, September 18, 2010

only the young

I do love saturdays.  my mom-in-law took the kids over night last night which really meant one thing:  SLEEP!  I have not been sleeping well as of late [okay, like since the start of summer!] and one night of solid sleep was good for my mental health.  and tonight I'm aiming for another.  as sleep streak!  shocking.  I have some very sincere sympathy for my friends that are new moms.  this whole sleepless thing is not good.  not ever.

so I made it to the market this morning, wearing my new purple vest, only to realize that I had paired it with an orange shirt and a black scarf.  yeah, that was a bit of a fright.  I really need to start looking in a mirror before I leave the house!  the market wasn't super busy [like!] and I was able to get pasta, peppers and eggs!

and then, between a trip to costco, save-on and connie's house, I made it home at around 330!  really, a lovely saturday.  except for the cold.  it's super cold here.  like I need mittens kind of cold.  don't like that.  not on the 19th of september!

and now, the boys are in the bath.  they've had stellar behaviour all day [knock on fake wood].  I'm a bit baffled, yet not complaining!

so friends, what did you do today?  how do you spend your saturdays?  I'm feeling inquisitive!

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susan said...

I just bought the purple vest! Dang, we'll be twins!

Saturday...well, lets see. I fed, changed, swaddled & rocked Silas in 3 hour intervals. I watched Izzie change her bears bum because it was "stinky" - she used a wipe & everything. And tonight the kids had a "dance party" before bed and Seth did "the snail" - I think he meant "worm".

Glad you had a good day...have a good sleep tonight!!