Thursday, September 30, 2010

dude [looks like a lady]

HA!  I love this picture!  ty is getting SOOOOOO big!  It's going to be a list kind of night...

1.  got to play soccer today - teachers vs students.  we lost by one goal, a goal I let in.  sigh.  sucks to lose, but it was a super good time!

2.  I wore all of john's gear for the soccer game, so although I didn't really know what I was doing, I sure looked like I did!

3.  word of the day:  FIERCE!

4.  we signed the papers for the car today.  our lease expired so we decided to buy it out.

5.  and then we took the kids out for dinner.  they were so well behaved and ate so well that it was almost a pleasant experience!

6.  7 more sleeps.

7.  next week is read-in week at school.  tons of readers, a crazy schedule and I am not at school tomorrow to get it all organized.  oh well.

8.  gonna call the tattoo place.

9.  hair cut & colour tomorrow.

10.  pedicure on sunday.  I need one SO badly.

and it's 8:42.  the kids are reading in bed.  and not fighting with me or each other.  I like this.

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