Sunday, January 28, 2007

a couple of tidbits

Day 28:
"Create your reality. The mind doesn't know the difference between imagined events and reality. Picture success. Try goal-related affirmations each day and your behavior will reflect what you want to be."

mmmm...picture success, eh? let's start with actually remembering my goals...the ones I was suppose to post everywhere!

so, got an email from mike tonight...[hence the picture!] and it looks like he's participating in a gallery showing - WAY TO GO, MIKE!! hehehe! I went to the cube website and it looks like they are doing some really interesting things...makes me wish I could see it in person. I absolutely adore mike's work...his pictures and his art. as the proud owner of both, I am really pleased that he is able to show his work off! the web addy is:
what else is new the world of cori - NOTHING!!!!! I live such a boring life for the most part...maybe this week will prove me wrong!

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