Tuesday, January 23, 2007

not bad, for a tuesday...

one kid off his meds
one ready to transfer out
one in crisis over his mom [not serious, but crisis nonetheless]
but overall, an okay day.

Day 23:
"Make yourself a priority. You do a lot for others, but tend to neglect yourself. Give yourself the care, attention and love that you need. Your goals are important and you deserve to take time or yourself each day in order to achieve them."

yup. yup. yup. I actually had a really successful eating day today. that feels good. I also went to my class last night...and although I am SO SORE, it's a good sore; therefore, it's ALL good!

the supplies for tomorrow's make and take are all cut, now I just need to design a 6x6 page to demo at rachel's show on friday night. hard to always do boy pages...and I wish I had the big blossom from sab, because I could totally do a cool kissing thing, not that I can't with other stuff, but it just wouldn't be as big and cool. maybe I will recreate the front cover of december's stampin' success...

off to try!

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