Saturday, January 27, 2007

it's been a couple of days...

I really try to blog daily, but that doesn't always happen. I had a make & take night on wednesday...only susan, jen & yvonne, but a lot of fun, nonetheless! then last night was rachel's workshop...that too, lots of fun - and in my books, that's what stamping is ALL about!

this morning, I donned my long underwear and headed out to my walking class. I've missed the first two classes, so this is my first time walking more than around a mall in a long time. 6km in -15 weather. good thing I was geared up! funny thing about being out in the cold for an hour is that 5 hours later, I am still cold...I think a REALLY long, hot shower is in order! now, for the days I've missed!

Day 24:
"Do less. Bombarding yourself with too many goals can be stressful. The more items you focus on, the more each task suffers from a lack of priority, attention and accuracy. Whittle down your to-do list to focus on what is really important."

As crazy as this sounds [and I know that most of you will question my sanity], I seriously believe that I am doing less. eeeekkkk! don't throw tomatoes! I am talking about my goals. I think for the first time, I have simplified them.

Day 25:
"Celebrate milestones. While your long-term goal may be to lose 50 pounds or more, each pound lost is one step closer and each deserves recognition! Call a friend or write in your journal. You never know who you may inspire!"

funny, I was just thinking today that I hadn't told everyone my big news: at my class on monday night, I did 10 push ups!! YIPPIE!!

Day 26:
"Get the right tools. Sticking to your goals may require some supplies, like good shoes to exercise or finance software to reduce your debt. Choose the tools that keep you safe (first and foremost) and help you measure your progress." all the winter walking gear I bought this month?

Day 27 [TODAY!]:
"Add variety! To prevent boredom, try new things. Enroll in a class, find a local support group, try a new workout, or anything that keeps you excited."

I think I am doing this fairly well...and joy suggested this morning that I do this dance club with her and my mom in april! I think I will...

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