Friday, January 05, 2007

day five

okay, so I re-thought my action plans. on my first 2 goals, my action plans are already in place. on goal #3 [only intaking 1500 calories] I need an action plan. here's the plan: eat a high fiber, high protein breakfast...something that will sustain throughout the morning...or at least until recess! at recess, have a small snack...since lunch is only an hour later - like a cadbury thin chocolate...only 100 calories, and a bit of a treat. pack & eat a healthy lunch [which isn't usually a problem] and know that on friday's I do lunch with yvonne...and that's an okay thing!! for afternoon recess, have my cheerios - filling, snacky & low cal...and if I am having some 3:30 food issues, stop for JUST A COFFEE...and if starbucks calls my name, just get a tall sized fancy drink, not a stinkin' venti! I know if I follow this day-time plan, there is lots of room for supper and room for a snack in the evenings. I have to endeavour to not eat after 8pm...maybe a goal John & I can work on together.

day 5:
"Make a realistic timeline to stay on track. Deadlines turn wishes into goals. Give yourself adequate time to complete each action step and choose a date when you hope to reach your overall goal. If you haven't started working on your goals yet, today is the day!"

okay, as far as the eating/calorie thing goes...I want to be in a groove by the 19th...that is the friday of the end of the second week back at school. all my exercise starts back on monday [yippie] and I want to be strong enough to do 10 pushups [with no crashes] by the last monday in january! my financial goals will have to start happening in february [when there is money to finance things with!], and after some conversation with john!

just so you don't think I totally forgot my third goal from day one, I haven't. it's just one that is more long term and doesn't need immediate attention. it depends upon goal two, since paying down our line of credit will inable me to go back and get my master's degree...hopefully in the 2008-2009 school year. I'm still praying about this one.

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