Thursday, January 04, 2007

guilty pleasures...

guilty pleasure #1: the OC. okay, PLEASE do not think less of me even though I stoop to the 2000's version of 90210...but I totally LOVE this show!

guilty pleasure #2: hot dogs. so I don't eat that many of them in a given year, but tonight for supper, I had 2...even though they put me TOTALLY over my calorie limit.

guilty pleasure #3: stamps. yes, I know you all know about THIS one, but I am just coming out and announcing that I am finally the proud owner of the paisley background stamp!!

"Develop an action plan for every goal. For example, a healthy eating resolution may involve: earning more about good nutrition, visiting a dietitian, finding ways to adapt your recipes, buying containers to pack lunches, learning how to prepare new foods, and planning extra time for shopping and cooking. Don't overwhelm yourself with every action step at once, but focus on a few things each day."

I think I have an action plan for my goals, especially the first one. I have my punch card for my class & I am planning to be able to do 10 push ups without crashing by the end of january. I am also registered for my walking class. now, if I had done what I was suppose to do yesterday, I'd have my goals in front of me and therefore be able to comment on the rest of them! yeah, I put that paper in my bag! I'll look them up and do an "action plan" on the rest of them.

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