Sunday, January 07, 2007

I almost forgot today...

okay, well not the day, but I almost forgot to blog my goal calendar thingy! tomorrow is my first day back at school...not too sure if I'm excited or dreading it. well, dreading it would not be saying it correctly. I am worried that the whole "taking care of me" thing that I have been working on will fall by the wayside once the busyness kicks in! mmmm.

day 7:
"Enlist a diverse support system instead of just one buddy. These people should be encouraging or knowledgeable in helpful ways, whether swapping healthy recipes, exercising with enthusiasm, or sharing weight loss tips."

k, I have a list:
suz, mom, cor, erika & all the sparkle girls!

oh, and I made a decision. looks like doing the half this summer might not be a great idea with my holiday schedule [oh, poor me!!]; so my mom suggested to work on my 10k and do speed/strength work so that I would do a better job on a half the next time I do it. not a bad idea.

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