Friday, January 12, 2007

I so need to blog...with a glass of wine in hand

but I don't know where to start. and be warned...this is LONG!

I have a couple of days of calendar things to comment on, maybe I will start with that!

Day 10:
"Don't expect perfection. You will mess up, make mistakes, and forget along the way. The key is persistence and a willingness to learn from your mistakes. Focus on what you have done right instead of dwelling on the negative."

yup. this came on the wrong/right day. aunt flo is here for a visit, and she came with a vengeance. chocolate & dr pepper. my pms vices. good to know that I honour my cravings and cut myself some slack...grrr.

Day 11:
"Practice saying, thinking and writing positive things about yourself. Acknowledge and take credit for the things you've done well, and recognize your abilities and talents. Keep a list to add to, think about, and read to yourself daily."

oohh...this is a tough one. I am so self-depreciating that I forget to say, think & write positive things about myself...I always fear that someone will pop up and say "yeah, you think you're good at THAT...well, let me tell ya honey, you're NOT". big insecurities. k, here's a list:
1. I am a reflective person & know how to be fairly honest with myself about myself
2. I am a good mother and wife - and I have wonderful kids and an amazing husband
3. I am creative...I am decent at the piano, I can stamp up a flurry, I can put together a sharp looking web page, I do totally fun, creative things with my kids at school...
4. I am a good teacher

that's the list for today!

Day 12:
"Develop a plan B. Work, travel, or kids will disrupt your routine, so create alternatives walk during lunch, choose healthy fast foods, or wake up earlier. Doing something is always better than doing nothing."

okay. after the day after I had today, I need a plan B. let me give you the run down on my day.
7:00 - leave the house with the boys [coffee in thermos, cheerios in baggy!]
7:35 - drop the boys at john's mom's house
8:00 - arrive at school, drink my coffee, eat my cheerios, finish paperwork that is due at 9am
8:30 - take a handful of kisses from a HUGE bag in the staffroom, eat while I am rushing to finish my paperwork
8:40 - bell rings, kids come to class. paperwork, coffee & kisses...all finished!
9:10 - call from the office telling me that I have to meet a student when she is dropped off [we'll call her K]
9:20 - start explaining the CAT-3 [a big ol' test] to my students when I get a call that K is needing an escort into the school
9:30 - K tells me that if anyone looks in her direction she will punch the f***ing sh** out of them
9:35 - I lock all the classroom doors in the elementary wing of the school
9:36 - K is pounding on the window of my classroom door yelling obscenities
9:40 - joy and I approach K to talk to her
9:42 - scott joins us
9:45 - K puts her boot on her fist and breaks the window
9:47 - we carry K down the hallway to the staffroom in a restraint and we get verbally assaulted by a 10 year old girl [bee-astard, crack head...all sorts of new ones in addition to being threatened with all sorts of harm]
10:20 - a staff member from the group home finally shows up, I debrief her
10:35 - K is escorted out of the school
10:40 - carol hands me a coffee [she sent her TA to tim's, knowing I would be in need of one!]
11:05 - my kids are done with computers and I debrief with them
11:30 - the car dealership calls so that I can give them a complete run down on what EXACTLY happened on my way to school yesterday when my car broke down
11:35 - yvonne's turn to pay for lunch...we go to the pita pit and I have a falafel pita [YUMM-O!]
11:50 - back at school...another handful of kisses
1:55 - recess. some more kisses and a diet coke
3:30 - leave school [grab up some more kisses for the road] and go to superstore to pick up supper & a bottle of wine
4:10 - get to john's mom's house to pick up the boys
4:30 - leave her house
4:35 - dealership calls again...they are going to replace the alternator
4:40 - in line at tim hortons. more coffee is needed
4:55 - finally have a coffee [and let's be honest, cor...2 donuts] in hand
5:30 - pull up at home
5:35 - pizza in the oven
6:00 - wolf down 2 pieces of pizza and a glass of wine
7:00 - chase supper down with a chocolate letter.

yeah. I need a plan B. any ideas??? seriously - the best idea will win a prize.

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