Sunday, January 14, 2007

a few more days

Day 13:
"Take advantage of technology. Sign up for motivational emails or text messages, set reminders on your computer, or have a friend call and check in on you. These little things will keep you focused no matter where you are."

anyone up for the job??? yeah, you THINK I am kidding...but I'm not. if you want to apply as motivational coach, just email me!!

Day 14:
"Reward yourself. For each milestone you reach, plan something fun. Rather than using food or skipping a workout to celebrate, stay on track with: new clothes, a massage, a vacation, movie tickets, a book, a day off work, or a gym membership."

I have reward issues. I am not a good saver. I don't save money well, I don't save treats, I just am not a good saver. AND I usually use food as a reward. yeah - that doesn't help. I am working on it though. I got an old navy gift certificate from my parents for christmas and I am saving it to buy something when I get down to 189lbs. THIS is my immediate goal, that really isn't seeing a ton of action. I need to go back and read my posts from days 1-3.

this week - we're working on the water. 3L per day, EVERY day this week.

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