Tuesday, January 11, 2011

dirty old town

{where am I?}

I escaped!  they were in the bath and I kissed john and left.  why is it that they come home in such foul moods on tuesdays?  why do I?  I am in a tired funk.  irritable.  cranky.  blah.  I'm going to totally blame the weather.  why take any personal responsibility?  why own what I can blame?  {are you hearing my slight tone of sarcasm?}  today, I am blaming the snow.  the mountains and mountains of snow proceeded by the bitter cold.  stressful driving and indoor recesses.  no wonder I'm cranky.  no wonder the kids are too.  so, I am meeting susan for coffee and I escaped early.  with my computer.  sigh.  it's lovely!  and warm.  and the peppermint hot chocolate is perfect.

so with all the blogging I've been doing for the last few months, I've realized how grammatically challenged I am on a regular basis.  like seriously.  I know that I use no caps {intentional} and short-fragment-like sentences {also intentional} and I, in essence, write how I talk {totally can't help that!}; however, I am putting some strange words in strange places as of late.  or just plain old omissions.  it's almost like I think faster than I type {SHOCKING!}.  well I've been re-reading posts and editing them.  I can't just let the mistakes stay.  and I have discovered that I start sentences with "and" ALL THE TIME!  it's not acceptable!  okay, so maybe it's a little acceptable.  can I just call it artistic licence?  please?  it's really how I talk.  I think.  see, not taking responsibility...just blaming!  total cranky funk.

okay {my other favorite word to start sentences with!}, skill-testing question:  who sings the song in my post title?  {NO, you cannot go to google!  either you know it or you don't...}  comment {by clicking the comment button below...yes, THAT one!} and post your answer.  I will put all correct answers in a draw and make you a prize.  yes, it will be homemade.  of the paper variety.  see, it's good that you read to the end...right??

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