Thursday, January 20, 2011

relax, take it easy

so I am feeling a bit better than last night, but still not great.  blah.  had I not felt the need to stay close to the water closet [tmi, I know], I would have gone to school.  but honestly, I just can't leave my class at any time.  so I've been stationed on the couch for most of the day.  and I am contemplating a shower.  in the meantime, I tried my hand at making some irish soda bread.  I never have time for this.  I got the recipe HERE and basically followed it to a t [okay, except I used regular whole wheat flour, not pastry flour.  I'd try it the "right" way next time.  a little less grainy perhaps...].  regardless, it was super easy and super yummy.

not too bad for my first go, eh?  okay off to hop into the shower.  I might feel a bit better if I didn't feel so grungy.

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