Friday, January 07, 2011

I gave you all

wow.  yesterday's post was totally disconnected and random.  no real surprise.  I was writing at school while watching a movie.  I don't discuss what I'm doing at school very often - not because I have a thing about that, but mainly because often it's just the mundane.  the ordinary.  I have to say that I am really excited about what I'm doing with my kids with this novel study.  I had opportunity to have a really frank discussion with my kids prior to starting the movie, but I am more excited to see the kind of discussion we'll be able to have after finishing the movie this morning.  they are intuitive, kind kids that are strongly affected by injustice.  they have been, whether they really cognitively understand it, judged by society in a harsh way.  they have been treated as less than due to their cognitive struggles.  they get injustice because they've experienced it.  they are so empathetic in this regard and it excites me to see what kind of conversation we can have as a result of watching this movie.  it's the kick off to the whole unit, so next week they all start reading different novels on the same topic.  and I'm going to be pushing hard to get them to do some persuasive writing on the whole issue around ethics and war.  I've done this unit before and I'm excited to see where it goes.  and the learning that we can do together.

see why I don't write about school very often?  I get super excited but the rest of you just smile and nod and say "that's nice"!!  I get it.  teacher talk isn't so much fun when you're not a teacher!

okay I have no segue for this next bit.  but it's album review time.
I really have been enjoying this album.  for a couple of general reasons - it's super easy to listen to.  it's melodious, full and generally pleasing to the ear.  I love good harmonies and really enjoy good lyrics, but there is something a bit more to these guys.  there's a somethin' somthin' with this band.  just trying to really put my finger on it as I listen to it, and as I write this.  I first heard "little lion man" and "the cave" on the radio.  and yes, "little lion man" drops the f-bomb in it.  the radio version has taken a wee eraser to it and sanitized it for general listening.  but then I'm not very offended by that, considering how frequently THAT word comes out of my own mouth.  however, my kids are often in the car with me and I endeavour to be a better parent...!  okay, I digress.

I think the real reason I like this album is because it reminds me of england.  okay, honestly, I've never been to england, but it embodies what I think england is like.  earthy.  organic.  passionate.  historical.  poetic.  like not twangy [like a country song!], but celtic without being irish.  I'm not putting good words to this.  it's full and passionate.  I am listening to "I gave you all" and it just has such amazing dynamics and build.  and then ends with some guitar [where you can here fingers sliding on the strings] and piano.  super quiet.  and then the next song kicks in with full harmonies, on a song that I think screams politics - of the working class; makes me think of movies like billy elliot or calendar girls.  my favourite song is "awake my soul"; lyrically it just makes me happy.  or it just connects with where I'm at.

okay, enough rambling.  it's a good album.  my current number two.  sorry, but brandon flowers is still in the number one spot.  and someday when I go to england, I'll let you know if my impressions are correct!

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