Monday, January 03, 2011

after the storm

I am still stuck in mumford & sons mode.  BLARED it on my computer this morning as I was prepping for my first day back at school.  it set a good tone for my day - mellow and harmonious!

and we've survived day one of unemployment - okay, I survived the onslaught of daytime text messages!  I like the midday texts from my husband.  kinda fun!  and honestly, I am taking advantage of him being at home.  one kid went to the dentist, he picked the kids up this afternoon so I could stay late and get a bunch of stuff done, and he fed them as I raced in the house, got changed and left again for my walking class.  he's a good man.

so I had this idea.  I was thinking that I'd like to do a book review once a month or so.  this is making a big assumption that people care.  I know my two readers care ABOUT me, and therefore are my biggest fans [right, suz?  erika?] and just absolutely love everything I write [ha!].  those two lovely people would just so enjoy my opinion on books I've read.  right?  then I started thinking this whole thing through.  it would mean actually reading a book once a month.  let's be honest.  you don't want to read "strategic teaching" or even hear about it, for that matter.  I suspect that "the moral imperative of school leadership" would not be a big hit either.  I am shocked.  truly.  but on the flip side, it may force me to read at least a book every month.  I do love to read, but I just don't always make time to do it.  I do have a stack of books sitting beside my bed.

milkweed is a kids book - previewing it for a novel study I'm starting next week [all books based on ww2 & the holocaust], I've reviewed the shack - the first time I read it!  the bible - doesn't really need a review, does it?  searching for god knows what.  now I do need to read that.  it's been sitting in the pile for a good long time.  then under that is grace is for sinners.  I did a half-arsed review of it [my review sucked, not the book!] when I was reading it this past summer.  [totally worth getting yours hands on, by the way --- go HERE].  and then a john irving book that I've not had time to read.  sigh.  I *heart* john irving.  a prayer for owen meany is on my top-ten-books-of-all-times list.  see, I digress.  regardless, before the end of the month, I will read a book [maybe one from the pile, maybe one from the OTHER pile] and I'll let you know all about it.

okay, and would one of you just remind me if we get to Jan 29th and I've NOT done what I've just promised?  thank you.

and when you remind me, just remember that this is NOT a resolution of any sorts!

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mandy said...

"The Shack" is in my short stack for this year as well. I'll be interested to read what you think (alongside Suz & Erika, hehe).