Saturday, January 22, 2011

riders on the storm

can I just stay home today?  and do nothing??  just hang out in bed with this kid?  imagining that we didn't get more snow last night?  dreaming of what I can create in my craft space, knowing I need {and want} to spend some time there today?

I still don't feel all that great - the sore throat has turned ugly and brought along his friend mucus.  eewww!  john and nate are at soccer.  ty and I slept right through the wake up, get ready bit of that one.  I officially do not like 830 games.  this is why I am not a hockey mom.  630 on a saturday morning would kill me!  so, as I sit here in the sun, and see all the dust and fingerprints, I'm thinking that perhaps some cleaning may be in order!  and a pot of coffee to go with that.  ty has a little friend coming over today - that should be good distraction for the kids.  they've been seriously cooped up for the last two weeks.

and I haven't forgotten my promise to do one book review per month - I am reading three books right now and will make my selection shortly!!  off track, but the dust in my bedroom is so bad that I may just dust before I go and make coffee.  so sad.  :o)

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