Thursday, January 27, 2011

walter reed

so there were some serious eyebrows raised this week when I just happened to mention that I owned two prime minister action figures.  they live on my desk at school and they come out to play when I'm teaching canadian history.  this week, I was teaching my kids about sir john a. macdonald, so he came off my desk to oversee the whole process.  most of my colleagues know that I'm a geek, but apparently some of my friends are just getting confirmation on this fact.  I have a fine collection of action figures on my desk at school.  I don't keep them at home because what would be the point of that.  my kids would make them their own.  so I suggested that perhaps I take some pictures of my desk friends and share them with the world.  so, here I go.  don't judge.  I think I'm cool.  and we're just going with that.

 {mace windu, the matryoshka doll from russia & emergency crime scene tape.  you never know when you need to tape off a crime scene, right?}

 {luke, yoda & the army guys from toy story}

 {and throw a very concerned green m&m in there}

 {the view from above - extra lego pieces in my paper weight & a rubber band ball}

 {sir wilfred laurier surrounded by the jedi master, and a staple remover}

{and sir john a macdonald, apparently making a presentation with brainy smurf as a mini cooper rolls by. a little tokidoki cactus pup sits at the feet of our first prime minister.  of course.}

yes, I am a geek.  I'm okay with that.  my desk may be difficult to dust, but it is always a party.  a well-organized-big-mess of a party!

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