Tuesday, January 25, 2011

stripmall religion

I am a proud mama today.  ty was asked to be a part of a photoshoot for a local magazine back in november.  my friend Irene {I've tried to link her facebook page - if it doesn't work, you can find her via my facebook!} was taking the pictures for the winter edition and she needed my brown child!!  well ty and I went and he was totally uncooperative.  he cried.  he fussed.  he needed to be bribed.  it was generally awful, but somehow she managed to get some really great shots of my kid!

urban infant is a free magazine that is distributed around the edmonton area, so if you're leaving safeway and see all free mags sitting there {yes, with the bargain finder and the reality mags!}, grab one of these!!

 {that's what the cover looks like - NOT my kid!!}

 {yes, that's him looking at the camera and that's also him POUTING!}

{great smile!  fingernails need a re-do!}

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