Thursday, January 06, 2011

dust bowl dance

so last night I sat down to blog only to have some serious issues with blogger.  grrr.  instead, ty and I took some pictures with photobooth!  ty has such a hard time falling asleep at night so sometimes he just comes and hangs out on the couch with me.  although I wish he was sleeping most times, I kinda like the time we get to spend together after nate's asleep!

see, and now I can't remember the profound and interesting things I was going to write about last night.  I guess they were neither that interesting or that profound!  well and honestly, my head is in a different space this morning.  I have started a new language arts unit this week with books and writing based on the holocaust.  one group of kids is watching the movie, the boy in the striped pajamas.  I don't love this movie.  mainly because I love the book.  I understand how movies have to be altered from books, but this one was altered a bit too my opinion!  needless to say, I am just showing them the movie and not reading the book at all.  I'll just get frustrated!

so yesterday I had my counselling session.  I go every two weeks.  lots of times I leave feeling good - like I had a major "all about me" hour.  and sometimes I leave feeling completely angry because she's called me on stuff.  yesterday I left feeling like I had made some connections.  some big connections.  and like maybe all my talking is somehow paying off.  and I'm thinking this is a good thing, on a lot of levels.  self analysis is never easy, but I am hoping that it'll start to change my perspective a bit.

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