Monday, January 24, 2011


I typically like mondays.  after today, however, I may just change my mind on that.  just today.  challenging.  interesting.  CRAZY!  and not at all boring.  this was my monday.  until I got home.  night one of club.  good, good times!  no seriously, I look forward to this every month.  and although I sometimes have a hard time coming up with new and fresh ideas, and sometimes I don't feel very creative and interesting, but really, it's not the stamping and scrapbooking that keeps me going with this business.  it's the relationships.  I am extraordinarily grateful for that.

{the inside of tonights project} 

 {the outside, still unfinished}
{and the sight that made my day}

and now I'm just sitting.  alone.  I kicked the girls out, made some hummus, made lunches, and now just sitting.  and in this moment, mondays are still okay for another week.

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Frances said...

If I had known there was going to be hummus, I wouldn't have let you kick me out. Seriously though, thanks for a great evening, it was a lot of fun, and the project was great.