Saturday, April 16, 2011

billy brown

well yesterday was ROUGH.  super rough.  I've been clenching my teeth in my sleep.  how do I know?  I wake up with the worst headache ever.  yesterday I woke up with one of these and the meds I took were not even enough to make a small dent in it.  BRUTAL.  and it was not a pretty/easy/lovely day at school either.  {of course!}  needless to say, sleep is what usually gets rid of the monster, so I was in bed by 9.  and now up at 730!  sugar/carbs wise, it was a pretty good day.  since I was feeling so awful, I had a mid afternoon meal/snack of some cheese, an egg, apple and a small pita with peanut butter.  it didn't get rid of my headache, but I wasn't hungry again until about 7!  needless to say, it was an off day.  but I held the course with my eating.

and then I went to weight watchers this morning.  and I have to put everything in perspective.  I'll explain:  last week I didn't go.  I worked that casino last weekend, had been in the throws of the pms from hell, and had totally crashed/failed/feeling like a failure on that sugar challenge.  so last saturday, I stayed in bed.  I got on the scale the next day and I was up two pounds.  when I went this week, I was down 1.2 from two weeks ago {which in my head sounds like all my work was for nothing!!} when really, I was down 3 from  last sunday.  does that make any sense?  add in there that apparently my scale has a 1 pound difference in the WRONG direction...!!  yeah, it was hard not to be discouraged about this weeks progress.  remembering what the scale said last weekend helps.

okay.  and let's talk about something super important:  butternut squash.  why have I never eaten this before?  no seriously.  I love the stuff.  gonna go to costco this afternoon to get some more {it's impossible to find in this city as a whole squash...grrr}.

{and yes, I pay every week to get the stickers!!}

I do have deeper, more interesting things to write about but they're buried deep in the back of my head.  I'll gather my thoughts and get back to you!!  off to go pack a suitcase for the wee ones.  they are having a sleep over at grandma's tonight!  yippie!!

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