Friday, April 01, 2011

wake up

I did something severe.  last night.  without much thought.  thoughtless and severe.  and good for my health.

back in november I worked hard to cut out fake sugar from my diet.  I quit drinking diet soda, cut out high fructose crap stuff, and had started to walk towards the life of clean eating.  then january happened.  cold, dark, bad meds.  that january.  although I kept the diet soda out of my diet, the junk crept back in.  and the five pounds that settled on my thighs is still there.  that's because I can control a lot of things, but I am totally and unequivocally addicted to sugar.  and although I don't have any real proof, I completely believe that my sugar issues are what is zapping my energy and making it so hard to lose any weight at all.

so, in an effort to shake it up a bit, I've done something drastic.  I've committed to two weeks of sugar-free eating.  a complete cleanse.  I went to find a recipe on one of my favourite recipe sites last night and I saw this challenge.  without giving it too much thought, I committed.  and now I may be freaking out just a bit.  two full weeks.  maybe not thinking stuff like this through too much is a good thing.  I probably would have talked myself out of it!  anyways, I am suspecting that the next 72 hours are going to be rough, but if I can get to monday, it'll be do-able.  I'll keep you posted!

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