Sunday, April 10, 2011

may you be the road

a few of my favourite things:

{crazy rolls from teriyaki corner - a little sushi place just down the block!  crab, avocado, cucumber then tempura-ed.  super yummy!}

{some lovely tulips from save-on...nothing like grocery store flowers to make a day happy!}

{same shot, different finish...}

 {a picture of ty and his little friend from a couple of weeks ago.  I love this one!}

 {a pedicure - my sister gives the best ones and now my feet feel like they're ready for spring...happy, happy sunday!}

{three sleeping boys in bed as I get ready for church this morning}

it was a nice, refreshing weekend.  john was off this weekend, so it allowed for some real downtime.  I slept in on saturday {I had volunteered at a casino on friday night and didn't get home until almost 3am, so a sleep in was in order!}, my friend came over to scrapbook for a while - I made cards, she did some pages in her scrapbook.  it was lovely and needed.  the kids played outside.  they biked and played in the puddles.  and I read an entire book on saturday night {I'll review it this week!}, while having a bath and crawling into bed super early!  then today was such a good sunday.  I played the piano at church, so I had to be there early {not complaining though...}, after church john and I took the boys for sushi.  okay, they had spring rolls, john had a noodle bowl and I had sushi.  then it was home for a bit and off again to my mom's {alone!} for a pedi.  my sister seriously gives the best pedicure.  she is an esthetician by trade, but is upgrading at school right now, so she just sets up in my mom's basement when we're all in need.  it's a good gig.  while she was on lady #2 {my mom's friend - I was #1}, I went for a run-walk-interval workout on the treadmill.  25 minutes of good times.  it had been WAY TOO LONG!  my legs are super sore now, but it felt really good.  I had supper at my mom's, did some grocery shopping and came home. john had fed the kids and had them in the bath when I walked in the house.  it's this that I miss most when he's working on the weekends.  this rest.  this break.  sigh.

so while running today, I had a bit of a talk with myself.  I am going to choose NOT to give up.  so I had a bad sugar week.  who cares.  failure is choosing not to try again.  I am going to get up and try again.  I have packed my lunch/snacks/day for tomorrow and I am going to give it a fair shake.  because I am not a quitter.  and even if I can't do every day, every day that I can do will matter.  I read a bunch of motivational quotes over the weekend and I was reminded that trying and failing and then trying again {and failing a kazillion times more} does not make me a failure.  it makes me human.  and it's time to cut myself some slack.  and just keep trying.

how was your weekend?  did you find some rest?

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