Wednesday, April 27, 2011

fix you

so the doctor's office never called.  which means pneumonia is unlikely.  considering that it's move up into my sinuses, that makes sense.  not too sure if I don't like breathing because my it feels like someone is sitting on my chest or if I don't like breathing because my nose is plugged.  both suck.  I'm in sucky-sick mode.  blah.  so, some wednesday cheer:

 {the natester got a shining star at school today...}

{for excellence in his writing}

I'll let you know that I think all the kids in his class got this, but hey.  I'll brag on the one I own!  kid number two has been educating me on "sm".  he says that there was a lady in the library that was telling them about "sm" and about how your brain sends fast messages to your nerves.  so I started asking.  "what's sm?"  okay, the kid really tried to get something out.  none of which made any sense.  then I had an "a-ha" moment.  he's talking about "ms" - multiple sclerosis.  he's a lefty and often makes reversals!  and what five year old can remember how to say multiple sclerosis?  not mine.  but hey, he tried really hard!  and although he's sad tonight that his favourite hockey player, pk subban, is not moving forward in the playoffs, I'm glad he could educate me about the nervous system!

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