Wednesday, April 06, 2011

fools tattoo

sleep issues.  I currently have them.  could be the amount of coffee I had today.  ha!  moral of the story:  don't have a double shot espresso con panna at 830 on a wednesday night.

in re-reading yesterday's post {and spending some time in self-analyzation}, I realized something kinda important.  there is one area of my life that I have full {okay, like 85%} confidence in.  and that's my professional life.  at school, I am a finisher.  a bit of a procrastinator, but highly efficient.  I don't give up on kids, on myself, my colleagues, or general crap that flies my way.  at school, I am relentless.  passionate.  empowered.  I teach difficult kids.  and I'm good at it.  and I love it.  so why doesn't that translate to the rest of my life?  yeah, not too sure.  this is the question I am left asking.  am I the only one that thinks this is really strange?  do all of these really great things about me go away when I walk into my house?  or are there 30 some odd years of some really bad self-talk that habitually takes over when I don't need to be "on"?  not too sure that I need answers right now, but it is something I need to think about.

on another note, totally addicted to a scrabble game on my phone.  words with friend.  the free version.  I suck at scrabble, but am having fun with it.  download it and challenge me to a game - my handle is cori1972 :o)

I beat one random person but am losing to my friend who apparently knows words like qi and surley.  sheesh.  anyways, add me.  I'll play you.

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