Wednesday, April 13, 2011

bridge over troubled water

yes, I'm watching american idol.  I can handle this show at this stage of the game.  no mom's are lying to their kids about being good singers when they are obviously tone deaf.  they all kick butt by the time the final ten hit.  I can even stomach j-lo and steven tyler.  but has been on a ton.  and I kinda like him.

okay.  so day three {because you're dying to know!!} and no chocolate required.  I had a short headache at around 5pm and it was short lived.  I was hungry.  and it had been a long afternoon {I was in the office.  it was l-o-n-g}.  needless to say, I avoided the chocolate chip cookies on connie's counter and made it home without a feeding frenzy.  I made chicken quesadilla's with low fat mozza, lots of veg and some of my favourite paul newman tequila lime salsa!  I use these uber healthy-super-high-fiber tortillas, load them up and throw them in the oven.  super easy and yummy.  it was all good.  then I did something even braver.  I went and bought some groceries.  the chocolate easter eggs were calling my name.  and I didn't listen.  yeah me!

and on a totally different note, I was going to tell you about a book I read last weekend:

it had been handed to me by a lady at school with a "you'd really like this",  okay.  then as I was walking down the hall with it in hand, another friend stopped me and told me how she had read it in one weekend and how much she loved it and how she just knew I'd love it too.  such enthusiasm!  mind you, these are people I trade books with all the time, so I do trust them.  and shockingly, they were right.  this book totally caught me off guard.  and in the first couple of pages I had it figured out.  but it had hooked me with it's narration.  it's told from the perspective of a five year old boy.  and it's hard for me to tell you much without giving it all away, but just the point of view that the author uses is enough to grab anyone. and partly because of the suspense.  and as a reader, you fall in love with jack right away.  and you never want anything to happen to him.  but on the flip side, something awful happened long before he was born that shapes his entire existence.  so I picked it up on saturday afternoon in the bath and didn't go to sleep until I was done.  it's not by any means a difficult book to read {which makes it a quick read} but it's a difficult book to get through because of the content.  all that to say this:  if you can get your hands on a copy, it's totally worth reading!  and when you're done reading it, LET'S TALK!

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