Thursday, April 14, 2011

in repair

just a heads up, this is a "yeah me" post.  so if you can't respond with a "you go girl", then stop reading.  I only want to hear the positives!!

1.  no headache today.
2.  there was a potluck at school today and I still brought my own lunch.  and I ate it.  in the same room as everyone else.  and I survived.
3.  I had two of my little chocolates to make me feel better about not eating the tub of cool whip that was sitting out for the potluck.  yes, I am still an emotional eater.
4.  I didn't really want the potluck food.  I really wanted my salad.  {so odd}
5.  other than that wee bit of chocolate, every other carb I ate today was a complex carb and most of it came from fruits and veggies.
6.  I made butternut squash for the first time ever, but then I was scared to eat it.  after trying it, I'm confused why I'm 38 and eating this treat for the first time ever.
7.  and I did 12 push ups and a half plank for no good reason.  SO ODD!

I am going to go out on a limb and say that I made it through detox.  PHEW!  now only ten more days to go!  two weeks of no sugar isn't easy by any means.  but I am having an easier time by really cutting out all simple carbs and relying on fruits and veggies for my complex carbs.  it's not a permanent diet change, there are totally healthy grains out there that are good and clean, but for now, it seems that cutting back on grains is helping me detox out of my sugar addiction.  plus.  I had a blueberry-kiwi protein smoothie for breakfast today that was so super good.  who knew I would need to find a place for my blender out on my counter?  now I just need to get to sleep earlier...

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Frances said...

You go girl indeed!!!! and i love butternut squash, but also didn't eat it until adulthood. Mmmm, need to add that to my grocery list for today....

Yay you and keep it up.