Saturday, April 23, 2011

strawberry swing

my long weekend {or maybe just the last week!} in pictures... {so far!}

 {lazing in bed on wednesday morning...well before the long weekend, but still how we do business here!!}

 {the berry smoothie; the boys and I make these for snack almost every night.  this one required a TI pirate cup!}

 {the painting that we all contributed to at church on friday morning}

 {voting at the advance polls on friday...only two out of four names were familiar on that ballot.  no signs, no pamphlets, no nothing on the bottom two.  just wrong.}

 {going for coffee, alone, after church, voting, buying groceries...the lovely doppio espresso con panna!}

 {getting the dye ready for the boys}

 {eggs were boiled and everything lined up}

 {yes, I bought a kit.  just be impressed that I didn't do it on sunday morning before church...'cause you know that has happened in the past!!}

{eggs the kids came home with this week}

{and these are our final products!}

I'll do a more in depth post later this weekend...
have a blessed easter. 

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