Monday, April 18, 2011

I bruise easily

day 8.  no headaches any more.  but I am fighting the psychological need I have for junk.  I have some "clean" sweets that I pull out in case of an emergency, but those are for emergencies only.  and the sugar in them is all natural.  so this week, my goal is to continue with no sugar {natural/clean, fake, natural-ish/unclean} no carbs until dinner {except fruits and veg} and to continue tracking everything I eat.  I survived today which means I can do this again tomorrow.  and be successful.  it took me many years to put weight on, it's not going to come off over night {I WISH!}; however, I feel like I am finally setting myself up for success.

okay.  I'm typing and falling asleep at the same time.  the kids went to bed early-ish {and without fighting, I may add!!} so I need to take advantage of the quiet house and attempt to get 7+ hours of sleep tonight...


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