Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ordinary day

and today was better than yesterday.  less headachy.  nothing until 4pm.  had to skip yoga at school today because my sister picked up the boys and ty had a complete meltdown.  just wouldn't stop.  he wasn't being bad, just really sad.  this is where the lack of communication is rough.  so I had her meet me at home and I came home early.  at that was it.  he was sad.  something is up with my kid.  sheesh.

anyways, I had two small pieces of 75% cocoa chocolate after lunch today.  and three chocolate covered coffee beans {and these aren't the awful, cheap, nasty ones...they're the really good dark chocolate ones}.  that was my only non-fruit based sugar intake on the day.  for dinner I had some non-fruit carbs.  I made a lovely 6 point pita pizza - loaded with spinach, peppers, canadian bacon and some low-fat mozza.  it was the best thing I've made for supper in a long time.  I proceeded to make a similar {kid friendly...ham & cheese only!} for the kids.  they didn't love the whole wheat pita bit, but too bad, so sad!  I kinda had a revelation today though...the less sugar {of the unnatural or added version} I eat, the more clean my eating is.  a lot more veg.  a lot more fruit.  smoothies with greek yogurt and blueberries.  yum.  and better yet, the less sugar I eat, the less points I'm eating.  I know.  this shouldn't be rocket science.  and it's not.  but it is tough.  and two days are done.  twelve more to go.  for the first time, I kinda believe it.  because all things considered, I feel kinda good.  I wasn't as tired this morning.  and if I can finish writing this and get some sleep, the same may be said about tomorrow too, I hope!!

found a quote yesterday:
{your past never defines your future}

which means that today's success or failure isn't going to define my day tomorrow.  in the words of miss shirley {of anne of green gables fame}, "tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it".  I'm going to embrace that.

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