Sunday, April 17, 2011


so my friend did a bit of a blog review/fave posts thing on her blog this weekend.  and she was kind enough to post my blog {thanks, suz!}.  I would reciprocate, since I think she's a great writer, brutally honest and super funny; however, she keeps all of her loveliness under lock and key!  some day soon, I'll get her to guest post something...!

okay, fave blog post #1:  my newest love, the gracious pantry.  and this post is what I am going to try to make for breakfast some point this week!

this site is a fantastic resource for recipes and meal ideas and they've all been modified so that they're clean and healthy!  PLUS, she puts all the nutritional information after the recipes, which is great for calculation points!

fave blog post #2:  this blog post popped up today.  and as are all of serena's posts, this one was timely on so many levels.  I quote her all the time and her perspective/thoughts/theology on grace have continued to renew my soul and it keeps me searching and looking for more in my relationship with God.

and this post, this morning, well go and read it for yourself.  I need to read it again.

fave blog post #3:  this one is not just one post.  I don't have a favourite post, it's just one of my favourite blogs.  it's a place that invites comments and conversation.  and I like that.  mandy is super authentic and I think I posted once {in her comments!} that I think she's a person I could be friends with in real life.

fave blog post #4:  and this one is not just one post either.  as a writer and storyteller {dude, that's what teaching social studies makes me!}, this blog excited me when it got started.  it features daily stories from some amazing bloggers and storytellers, with a focus on faith and controversy, it's totally up my alley!

go check out some of the stories - they rock! and they'll get you thinking.

okay - that's all I have for today {because trust me, I have lots more that I visit can check out the links on my side bar!} - what are your faves?

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