Wednesday, March 22, 2006

AI & other things that drag on!

k, so I haven't watched the show all season...I already watch FAR too much tv, but I was home alone last night and there was nothing else on. although I was VERY impressed with the caliber of singers last night [minus a couple of interesting ones...what's up with binkey??? and that little boy? anyway, I digress] there was a stinkin' commercial break after EVERY singer...they spread the show out for 2 whole hours...I swear I saw more commercials than singers. grrr. that just right burns me - if I am going to waste my time, I want to waste it watching something other than commercials for CTV news, Canadian Idol, and all the shows that CTV airs - ER, OC, CSI, L&O...the acronyms could just go on, and on, and on!

on another note, today was kinda crappy - steph was sick, so couldn't watch ty; it took us a half hour to dig my car out this morning in front of john's mom's house; no one in the city has any goats milk in stock; brown came but no one was home, so no stamps...grrr. alas, some days are just not meant to follow the plan. I think for supper I will eat some comfort food - oatmeal & apple!

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