Saturday, March 04, 2006


WOW!! I FINALLY GOT BELOW 200! considering the yo-yo week I've had, I am glad that the scale went down not up [like LAST week!].

I had a kick-ass walk at the gym today...upped my time to 40 minutes and did hill intervals, 5 minutes at a time. it's like finally my legs can keep up with the rest of me. I like that!

yesterday, I drank all my water & didn't touch the chocolate bars...monday morning, I am going to go to the gym in the am...that should be a RUDE wake-up call! these are my goals for the next month...I want them to become habits and not a chore. they say it takes 21 days to create or break a habit...consider the last 24 hrs DAY 1!

so in light of all things good and special, I am getting my butt off this chair; I so need a shower...

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