Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I swear my body is in detox. is sugar a drug? well, seems like I am addicted to it. yesterday was really tough. all I wanted was SUGAR!!! the shakes, the shivers, the psychological torment. I have to say tho, I resisted all temptation...even Nate's face! last night in bed, I had to will myself to go to sleep...so that I didn't get up and eat something stupid. I also got all my water in - 3L. BUT on the downside, I was grumpy & cranky & miserable. hopefully today will be better. I started my morning with oatmeal & apple, so a good start to my day. plus, the boys had a really great sleep last night, so mom did too!

I am not usually about the deprivation, but I think this could be good for my body. This is what I am NOT eating this week: cake, chocolate, lattes [or any flavored coffee drinks], soda, baking of any kind that has sugar [muffins, cookies, brownies, pies], candy, white flour, white rice & white things in general!

so, DAY 2...HERE I COME!!

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erika said...

yes, sugar is highly addictive, g! good for you for not eating it.......

also, splenda is a form of sugar, it's sucralose...best to avoid it as well.