Tuesday, March 07, 2006

there is poop in the water

yeah. what a way to start a day. I thought I'd give nate a bath...nothing out of the ordinary. so he sits down, playing with his toys, I go to get his towel and some coffee and I hear this screaming, "MOM! MOM!!" [splash, splash, scream] "I OUT!!! MMMMOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!" [splash, splash, slid, fall, scream]. by this point I am in the bathroom and grab up my incredibly frightened boy. and look down to see what the deal is and yup, you've got it, the deal is poop.

well. at least the bathtub got scrubbed.

I need some coffee. and now I am off to get my hair cut.

03-06: consistency: 3L/0 exercise: 6am!

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