Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'll make up for yesterday's measly offerings

so, today & tomorrow. that's it. I am feeling really prepared for school...that I can step in on monday morning and all will be well. I got a lot done the last few days and there is nothing like spending a few hours in the classroom to get back in the mood. I am planning just to stay home today with the kids, although tonight I have some errands to run, but nothing to big...the gym, staples, the Bay.

I was thinking last night that this no sugar thing is working well for me [now that I am on day #4 and I don't want to lick anyone!]. I am not Catholic and do not usually celebrate Lent, but the concept often intrigues me, as does the monastic meditations and deprivation as to align one's heart & mind with that of Christ. so I had a thought. I want to know Christ in a deeper way. so this is my commitment between now and Easter morning [and it might just go on from there].
  • no sugar [see list from my other post!].
  • galations - chapter 5 - a verse a day to meditate on.
  • Henri Nouwen's "the Way of the Heart" - one passage a day.

these 3 things call for big change for me. deprivation of a fleshly desire - SUGAR!!! something my body can do without & when all is said and done, something maybe I need to avoid on a larger scale. commitment to not just reading the Bible, but meditating on it...carrying it with me in my day, having it weasel it's way into my heart. and learning about solitude, silence & prayer...which means that 10 minutes out of my day, I need to spend alone with my book. no kids, no husband, no TV, no computer, no stamps, no interruptions. just me, God & Henri and my big bottle of water.

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