Monday, March 13, 2006

feeling blue

so after today, there are only 2 more mondays left...before I go back to school. and really, only one, since I am spending next monday at school. I am quite sad about this, although I am anxious to get back. sad to leave my life of kids and leasure. sad that we really need the money that much. sad that we don't have an extra 5 grand kicking around so I could be off until september. sad that I really need to wean ty. sad that I can't spend all day doing whatever I feel like. [selfish, I know] and on top of it, in combination, the boys were up 3 times in the night, one of which lead to nate in our bed. grrr. so, didn't make it to the gym this morning - my goal this week is 3 times tho - so tuesday, wednesday, friday. I will still go to the gym today, but it will be this evening. and nate has had 2 "on purpose" accidents already this morning. grrr. double grrr.

03-12: consistency: 2L/1 exercise: 0 [not a great day]

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