Monday, March 20, 2006

the beginning...

of the end! it's 8:38. I am dressed, fed, packed up & ready to go. I am enjoying the few minutes of silence before Nate wakes up and before my mom gets here. then it is off to school.

I tried Marcy's pancake this morning...very tasty, very healthy. just not too sure what to do about the splenda that the recipe call for. it's not something I keep in my house, so today I used real maple syrup to sweeten it. it actually made 2 good-sized pancakes. I could almost half it. the rest of my eating day calls for yogurt, apples, tuna, salad...and whatever other veggies I feel like. with this much fiber in my system, I will just have to be vigilant about the water today. hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

here's the recipe: [how I made it this morning]
1/2 rolled oats
3 TBSP 1% cottage cheese
1 small carton of egg whites [equivilant to 1 c]
cinnamon [lotsa, lotsa!]
1 TBSP maple syrup [or I guess, splenda to taste]
mix with a hand mixer [trust me!] and bake like a pancake.

not that it's more fiber than my other oatmeal recipe, but if I plan to do this for a couple of days, that could get interesting!

I did go to the gym this morning & burned 300 and some calories off my butt...FEELS GOOD!

03-19: consistency: 2L/0; exercise: 0

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