Tuesday, March 07, 2006

rice & beef & something else...

how does one assign calories to a guyanese dinner made by her mother-in-law? mmmm. the things I need to ponder in a day. I am LOVING my hair cut...LOVING! if I still love it next week, it may stay like this for a while!

I've been coping out of writing this week, but I had a thought today. galations speaks of the fruit of the spirit. goodness catches my eye...I am going to spend some time reflecting on this [mentally], so stay tuned for my ponderings and thoughts on goodness [ooohhh...a teaser, to keep y'all coming back for more...all 2 of you!!]; all of galations 5 is packed with a ton to ponder, so I will deconstruct this chapter & what it means to me - after I've spent some time meditating on it!

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