Saturday, March 11, 2006

sometimes being a girl sucks

sometimes I truly dislike all the hormones that course through my veins. 'nuf said.

yesterday was a poor eating day for me, made bad choices as far as quality & quantity. good thing that everyday is a new day. I like that about life. and, I started the morning right; went to the gym at 8am [the saturday morning version of 6am!] and burned over 200 calories right off my butt! and the scale says that I am down another pound, so all in all, an okay morning [other than the headache, the screaming child, the firetruck noise making child and the husband who is drinking pop at 10:00 in the morning...grrr!]

on a completely other note, I was happy with how John's moms present turned out!

03-10: consistency: 2.5L/0; exercise: 0

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susan santos said...

That looks awesome Cor!!! I on the other hand did not start my book as intended on Thurs. night. I think getting some smaller pictures will help...we'll see.

Good girl going to the gym too! On a Saturday even!! Wow!