Sunday, March 26, 2006

my sick baby

well, we made it home today...through the snow and the bad roads and the cranky kids [okay, so maybe that was just a cranky mom!]

as I am writing, ty is gagging again...another bout of puking baby. I so do not have the energy for a sick boy. he doesn't have the energy either.

I went to the gym this evening and learned a couple of things about myself:
- when I do not keep track of my food, I lose track and over eat
- when I am tired and driving in the car with 2 small children for longer than an hour, I eat crap
- when I am standing at the chip bowl at a party, I eat the chips
- when I don't pay attention, I forget to drink water
- when I don't follow my good habits, the old ones rear their ugly heads
- when all of this happens, I gain weight and don't lose it.

so, a crack down is in order. still deciding how/what exactly, but I know there will be a healthy dose of cardio done this week, as well as some short-term planning for meals and the like. bottom line: when I fail to plan, I plan to fail.

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