Friday, October 22, 2010


me and stress.  we are not friends.  at all.  I strongly dislike being out of control.  shocking, I know.  and all the hard work I've done with the kids has really derailed.  I am too tired to deal with them.  I get tomorrow night off though, so that's a good thing.  my mother-in-law is going to take them overnight.  sigh.  I love my family.

this is my new app - a photobooth app!!  ty & I had some fun tonight!!!  super fun.  he is a goof, my kid. just like his mom, I suppose.

so I ordered some new boots last week - from the toms website.  okay.  I LOVE these boots.  they are super comfy and easy to wear.  now I want them in black!!  so sad.  alas, I may just get them.  see, I have a significant problem with boots.  THEY NEVER FIT.  my calves are just not small enough to fit into all the cute boots.  and seriously, I like boots.  I like how they look with tights and my denim skirt.  or with capris.  these boots are wrap boots, so the size of my calves can change...and they'll still fit.  see.  there is a method to my madness!!

and in other news, my dad had a good day.  he got some blood today to get his hemoglobin up but he did do a couple of walks around the 4th floor.  I'm on watch tomorrow morning.  hopefully he has a good night.  I suppose I should help John get the kids to bed.  I am so not motivated.  sigh.

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