Sunday, October 17, 2010

gimme shelter

well, my house is clean.  bathrooms and tubs are scrubbed.  floors are vacuumed.  the boy's rooms are generally organized and I am almost done the third load of laundry this weekend.  I just need to wash the floors, but I needed a break.  so my computer & I have come to hang out at starbucks.  and it's killing me that I didn't bring my earphones because I bought the new fistful of mercy cd and I haven't listened to it yet.  grrr.  it's ben harper and I haven't listened yet.  WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. ME?  I am distracted.  and have been for a while.  need my groove back.

so I tried out a new picture app - it's called pinpoint camera and it does a cool double exposure thing.  I like this one!!

and then there is the good old standby, the hipstimatic.  I love the finishes on this app and I love how fast it's working on the new phone.  no more delay.  sigh.

and then this one was taken at the airport last week - yes, I am wearing orange stripped socks.  got a complement on them from the security guy when I had to take my boots off to go through the scanner.  good times.  I am still paying the price for tuesday.  my body has not caught up on the sleep.

we started indoor soccer on saturday - nate's first game was at 830 saturday morning.  and I am the proud owner of a soccer card.  good times!!  then this morning I had to be at church at 830 for rehearsal so there was no sleeping in.  oh well.  I am not complaining [really!], just in need of a nap.  perhaps I'll drink up, get home, wash floors, finish the laundry and then just veg on the couch.  and watch all the ace of cakes that I recorded this week.  mmmmm.  duff.  LOL

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