Tuesday, October 19, 2010

wild world

so just a quick update...my dad made it through surgery needing less complication than expected.  they had expected it to take 8+ hours and he was done at around the 6 hr mark.  they found some other stuff though, so fixed that too.  and then they let him sleep.  they started weaning him off the sedation meds this morning and increasing the pain meds and when I left the hospital at 4 pm, he still had a breathing tube but he was more alert and joking a bit [via sign language].  it's been an incredibly stressful 24 hours and although we're over the big hump, he's still in icu and we're not out of the woods completely.  I don't have the energy to pontificate on much else right now [shocking!], but I know that your continued prayers are felt and appreciated.


ETA:  he's off the ventilator now.  the dr's told my mom NOT to sleep at the hospital tonight [glad they said that - she'll listen to them!].  my dad was talking with her and is now just getting fluids and pain meds. it's looking better.

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