Tuesday, October 05, 2010

show you how

two more sleeps.  two more teaching days.  two more days of lunches, school work, marking, laundry...I could go on.  and then it will be 5 days of nothing.  nothing except lunch, shopping, visiting, bottles of wine, coffee tours...good times!  I am super excited to meet up with erika and I am super excited to spend some time just with no schedule.  no worries.  sigh.

and then, it'll be back at it.  but I refuse to think about that!!  and in this moment?  I am watching hawaii 5-0 from last week.  and then I'll watch the one from this week.  still having problems with dan's character being played by the guy from ocean's 11, but hey, I'll get over it!!

oh, and in related news, I scored a serious deal on a room at inn at the market.  for two of our four nights, we are staying in what appears to be the coolest place in seattle!  WOOHOO!!   I am pretty excited about being able to score this for at least half of our trip!

okay.  have to focus on my show!!
later skaters!!

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