Saturday, October 09, 2010

leave the bourbon on the shelf

the first 24 hours...
okay, so I may have a serious crush on vegas [y'all know about that!] but I am IN LOVE with seattle.  love.  love the architecture.  love the vibe.  this is my first view of pike place market:

seriously cool building additions - like these pipes with things growing.  there is all sorts of building oddities in this town...

and then I broke out the hipstimatic.  way cooler pictures, even though it loves to drain my battery!  this is one of the sewer's also a map of the downtown area.  reminds me of this map thing I saw in ottawa.  why can't edmonton be this cool?

and this is my view from here on a saturday afternoon.  an americano.  lovely.

we did our coffee crawl today and had a great time touring a bunch of independent coffee shops and getting all the coffee folklore from our tour guide.  it was an interesting way to see the city.

we have plans to go to mars hill church tomorrow and I think the space needle is in the plans.  good times!!

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