Saturday, October 30, 2010

mountain top

new addiction alert:  ANGRY BIRDS.  I am not a game player.  really, I play solitaire on my phone and the odd game of bejeweled.  other than that, I am more of a social media kind of girl. or I listen to music.  games?  not really.  then I discovered angry birds.  I have played this stupidly amazing game for three days solid now.  seriously.  since thursday night.  in all fairness, I was stuck on a level for close to 24 hrs, but still.  playing, playing, playing.  and now I have a headache.  can't imagine why.  could it be that I am stuck on yet another level? 3-6 could be the death of me.  it's not that it's that hard [okay, it is!] but they gave me the wrong birds.  I need my black bomber bird, not the yellow speed bird.  like SERIOUSLY.  man alive.  okay.  done posting.  gonna go play again.

oh, and what time is it?  10:38 and I still hear my kids playing.  damn halloween candy.  tomorrow will be worse.  sigh.

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