Monday, October 04, 2010

sam's town

well apparently I spoke too soon.  getting kids to bed tonight was awful.  so I ran away to the mall for a bit.  I am in a serious hunt for a pair of black slip-on heels.  thought I found them tonight, brought them home and yeah.  a big no-go.  grrr.  so I have to go back tomorrow and return them.  no fun.

and seriously my kids were pushing the buttons tonight.  just super hyper and unable to settle down.  no points.  nothing.  10:00 is WAY too late for them to be going to sleep.  not to mention, but nate did the strangest thing today.  he grabbed his pillow and his stuffy and decided that I was mean and ran down the street in his socks so he could go live at a different house.  I looked out the front bedroom window and he is running up the street and out of view, clutching his pillow.  the neighbours must think we're nuts.  we had the old ones fooled, I'm sure!  yesterday I offered to pack his bag.  he was mad when I didn't really.  sarcasm coming to bite me in the ass.  that's his new thing.  we're mean.  and we hurt his feelings.  um.  YEAH.  that's my job, dude.  so tomorrow it's back to square one.  follow the schedule.  give them some gravol [did I just say that??] and get them to bed at a decent hour.  it just really disintegrates if it's too many nights in a row.  we all need our sleep around here.  me included.  sigh.

so here there lies the on-going saga of the fraser family bedtimes.  stay tuned.  tomorrow I might REALLY help him pack his bag.  and actually drive him to his grandmother's house!!

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