Sunday, October 03, 2010

move away

I may be out of brandon flowers song titles, but I have about 30 that I can use by the killers!!  random facts, I know.


#1  "the plan" is STILL working!  the bedtime drama has been at a minimum and it's feeling like we're finding a rhythm.  and this is good.  more sleep for them is more downtime for me and both lead to happier people.  them and me.  they each have 9 points right now, so tomorrow could be toy buying day.  fun stuff!!  [I am not complaining.  it's working...]

#2  the tattoo.  it looks more like traffic lights than anything else.  sheesh.  only I would have this issue.  it's about the order of the colours - red, orange, blue.  only, because it's healing, my colours guessed, yellow, green.  I am a good, good time.  LOL

#3  there is no number three.

HOWEVER, I did get a pedicure today.  my sister does a kick-ass job.  and she did my eyebrows.  I feel rather normal for once.  hair is black again.  eyebrows match.  grey is gone.  seriously, getting older is WAY too high maintenance.

4 more sleeps.  hehehe!!

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