Monday, October 25, 2010

restore me

more photobooth fun [I took these at school this afternoon!].  I'm a dork.  and I got nothing done today.  it was just a lot of fun being in the same room as my students today - hanging out, doing work, catching up.  it's been a while since I've been able to do that with them.  I did not start IPPs.  I did not get coffee on my prep.  I did not get anything done for tomorrow.  but I chatted with my kids and got to be in their space.  my favorite kind of day.  now tomorrow, I really need to be on my game!  yeah, to make up for my slack off day today.  oh well.  tomorrow could be fun.  my head is just not in the game at all, but I do get a lot of joy from my job and a lot of irritation, but it takes my head out of the stress mode.  and right now, it's a blessing.  now legitimately, they are their own stress, but they aggravate me and make me laugh all in one breath.  I am a lucky girl.

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