Sunday, October 24, 2010


so my dad gets to go home on tuesday.  this is good news.  although I continue to find it extraordinarily difficult to see my dad in the hospital, looking so weak, everyday is better than the last.  it's been a long, long week.  and now I am significantly behind at work, so it'll be an early start tomorrow!!  oh well, such is life.  IPPs are due on friday - that's gonna be my biggest challenge this week.  sigh.

but, tomorrow [and tuesday!] I have club.  I am super excited about that - it's going to be all 3D halloween stuff.  I need to get some candy corn!  and some other candy!!  yeah, so I really haven't made any real decisions yet, but I have some ideas in my head, so it's ALL good!!  all the 3D project have candy involved, so I'm not too worries.  and really, club is about hanging out with the girls and that's really the part I am excited about.

it's a short post.  I'm preoccupied.  my brain is full and disorganized.  I need to get my head sorted out.  fun stuff.

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